Critical Mass is a movement about changing our relationship with health science.

In the Age of Connection, we are constantly exposed to information. There is more information available to all of us than ever before.

It’s not a coincidence that movements such as Minimalism or Essentialism and the revival of aspects of philosophies like Stoicism have become popular again. We are so bombarded, that gaining control over our world again necessitates rejection of the “unessential” because we lack the ability to process everything.

The side effect of this is rejection; to see certain things as not part of us; as not part of the self.

The problem with this in health science, however, is that health IS our self. We reject science because it makes us feel like we are no longer in control of our own bodies. But in rejecting science, we are not only rejecting the method by which we try to understand our selves and our world, but in essence, we are rejecting ourselves.

That’s not say that the subculture of science bears no responsibility for this; that it has not played its own part in engineering this detached relationship. As with all relationship conflicts, there’s always two sides to the story; and they’re both right.

Changing and resolving conflict in a relationship requires recognizing that the relationship is broken and having a willingness to repair it. Repairing a relationship requires seeing the conflict differently; and changing the story we tell ourselves about why it’s there.

Cultural change happens when enough people see things differently. Critical Mass is about helping you see differently, one person at a time, and through that different lens, allowing you to see your own way forward.