How to conquer science overwhelm

  • What if you had better analytical skills than statistics?

  • What if you knew how to identify irrelevant research?

  • What if you could focus on research that really mattered?

Question the Start and End with the Question is a book about gaining control over health research

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It doesn’t matter which health profession you are in. Whether you are a doctor or a trainer or a health writer, you are taught to use every tool available to ensure that you’re doing what’s best for the people you serve.

The message you receive is to ignore your experience in favor of ‘the evidence’.

You feel like you don’t have the tools to leverage research. And research is coming at you at a speed that is faster than it has ever been in history.

You’re led to believe this is a knowledge problem.

That is because, for years, you were tested like it was a knowledge problem.

But it’s not a knowledge problem. It’s a skill problem. That’s why you can pass a test, but still believe you’re deficient in some fundamental way.

The lie you are fed is a story you have internalized.

Question the Start and End with the Question is about changing this crucial story.

How would your professional life be different? How would it be better?

Start your journey to a new story with author Bryan Chung. He’s a surgeon and methodologist who helps people see their relationship with health research differently—towards better.



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About the Author

Bryan Chung is a research designer who improves people’s relationship with science. He is a plastic/hand surgeon and PhD research designer.

The biggest compliment he’s ever received was from his mentor while in residency. After winning the award for Best Paper by a Resident at a worldwide congress in plastic surgery, his professor said, “You deserve this award because, after four years, I finally understand what you’re talking about.”

Bryan has been getting better at helping people understand what he’s talking about since. He won’t shut up about evidence-based practice, and sometimes is invited to not shut up about it by important people and institutions globally.

He is the advice columnist behind Dear Doctor Ninja,



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